Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How like you this?

They may have fled from me; let my voice live!
While others seek to use new fangledness
And turn from me, thy tribute to me give.
I, though sorrowful, shall praise thy goodness.


  1. Forgive Me Now
    Forgive me now for I cannot help but stare,
    The twinkle in your eyes, the shine of your hair
    Commandeer my senses and leave me out of air.
    Forgive me now.

    Forgive me now for my intense gaze
    But your stunning beauty has put me in a daze,
    Now all I can do is sit and be amazed.
    Forgive me now.

    Forgive me now for I must say
    That I’ve admired you each and every day
    I can wait no more I must have you today.
    Forgive me now.

    Forgive me now for if I knew not the King
    Ignorance would make for an easier fling.
    I can wait no more, I want us to do this thing.
    Forgive me now.

    Forgive me now for it breaks my heart
    But the time has come for us to part.
    The more secrets, the more the King will tear us apart
    Forgive me now.

  2. Before I met my Lady of the East
    Older lovers too soon over scorn me
    By reason of virtue to say the least
    Virtues unmatched causèd anxiety
    My lady took care of me in sickness
    By her touch health be bestowed upon me
    But no touch can compare with soft kiss
    Her kisses say no sweeter words to me
    And in my times of deep desperation
    My lady is my rock and my strong base
    With the efforts herein the description
    My affectionate lady is my ace
    Daisuki* my lovely Lady of the East
    Your affection comforts this tense man beast

    *Japanese for I like you

  3. My Muse

    My muse crowds me with listlessness
    Among the days of clouded grey;
    An enemy of mine, so few to say,
    Now that it speaks to me of madness.
    And every thought beats a cruelness,
    Against the aching, tearing wall.
    The endless voice doth call.
    Of pounding surrender and cautious frightfulness,
    Constant touching, words spoke in darkness
    Keeps the weary body from need,
    Shaken by hope and hurt by greed.
    A dream now hidden, yet still an image of sharpness,
    That shall never release my mind
    To allow me to seek of what I find.

  4. Voice, now sing!

    Voice, now sing! For our final song
    Cruelly last thou does me wrong.
    My shrill voice let not understate
    Thy grievous behaviors and wrongs.
    Aid me voice, twist my love to hate.

    Perform not I for some deaf throng,
    Jumbled chorus or quiet song.
    Voice of mine thy cold elevate
    Wail not, be strong. Sing not, too long
    Be frank, once state, don’t imitate.

    Against a wall a ball is thrown
    And the ball propels from the stone.
    Still, worse is the spit from your face;
    It cuts through stone, dear Cupid moans
    At your lack of romantic grace.

    Care not I, Voice pause not to rhyme,
    As older you looks back in time,
    Lamenting self-taught whimsy taste
    For losing twenty creatures fine;
    Youth away, age has won your face.

    Thank you Voice for that final song,
    To simple truth it doth belong.
    And now these notes wish to retire.
    If you, like he, be bold and wrong
    Care not my Voice, be burned by fire.